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About What The Scoop

What The Scoop is definitely a passion project, through our time in the region we've strived to provide our customers some of the best desserts in the UK, we get cravings, you kind of have to in order to build a menu with so many desserts, and we focused on that creating a menu that could fit just about any craving we could think of, and we aren’t about to stop anytime soon, our staff and chefs continue to bring new recipes to the table, all with the freshest ingredients in the region, to make sure you get the most wonderful and mouth-watering desserts you can think of, old classics and completely new recipes, regardless of what you are going for you can find it with us.

What The Scoop Restaurant

We are located in the Ayr area of Clyde, Scotland; specifically we are located in 1-3 Content Street Ayr KA8 0DP. What The Scoop is right next to the River Ayr, making it both easy to find, and a great stop on your way to do tourism or go to the more important economic areas in town, there's never a bad time for a dessert, and our key location in town makes it so there's never a bad place either. Of course, if you are in a rush or can’t visit that day, don’t forget that this is still a takeaway restaurant, and both delivery and pick-up are available online through our site and official app, available on Apple's App Store and Google Play. With a varied menu, great view and location we offer the best to our customers, so make sure to visit us or order from us in the near future, we will be ready with the tastiest of desserts.

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